In the labor market, top managers have the best job mobility

7.12.2017 | The article summarizes results of the research, which examines the possibilities of job mobility according to competency models of individual job positions.

Have different CVs for each job position you are looking for

5.2.2015 | Your CV should be as flexible as you are.

How to write a CV

27.6.2014 | A professional résumé is our advert. It should present out personality, abilities, knowledge, skills and experience. It is important to highlight the strengths of our personality in the CV. An ideal résumé is not longer than two A4 pages. When writing a CV we have to decide, which pieces of information belong to the CV and which are redundant.

How to choose an appropriate photo for a CV

5.3.2014 | Currently the trend is to attach a photo to the CV. CV then looks compact, modern and professional. A photo is considered personal information. HR officers do not have the right to require a photo. The only exceptions are professions where appearance matters. It is mainly the work of actors, extras, but also receptionists, assistants, businessmen and similar professions.