If you are flexible, your CV should be flexible as well

5.2.2015 | Your CV should be as flexible as you are.

If you are not a doctor and are looking for a job in a larger variety of possibilities, keep in mind the rule that is essential in every recruitment. Edit your CV for each job position you are looking for. When your CV has six pages with everything, there is a danger that HR officer get lost in it. They may not find what they are looking for. Maybe they find too much and the CV may look untrustworthy. 

A marketing colleague had 4 résumés in which she always emphasized information that are crucial for HR officers. Do HR officers, that look for a bussinessman, care that you worked in a therapeutic group? They do not. When they look for a bussinessman, they care about the field of expertise, your experience in it and whether you are a capable bussinessman.