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The SimpleHire Ltd Privacy Statement contains privacy practices of SimpleHire Ltd. For more information about SimpleHire Ltd Privacy Policy please read information below. Protecting privacy and personal data of our clients is our top priority. Review the following Privacy Statement, which celarly explains how SimpleHire Ltd collects, processes, stores and protects you information. By using this website or by setting up an account, you grant SimpleHire Ltd your consent with processing, gathering, storing and using personal data by Doocv, which is described below. This policy explains how SimpleHire Ltd treats personal information that we may collect and gather, including information related to the use of our services or product in the past.

Personal data include personally identifiable information, such as name, address, email address or phone number, and other information that are not otherwise publicly available. This policy in no way relate to practices of companies, which SimpleHire Ltd does not control or own, and individuals, whom SimpleHire Ltd does not control. SimpleHire Ltd allow users to generate summaries online based on the data they provide.

Changes and conditions of this Privacy Statement

SimpleHire Ltd reserves the right to change this agreement at any time. Use of Doocv.cz after making any changes, makes this agreement binding and your consent to the agreement modified. Your continued use of the website indicates your consent with any changes and makes this agreement binding and your consent to the agreement to be positive. If you have any questions related to this policy, write to info@doocv.cz. Type "Doocv privacy policy" to the "Subject" field. It is recommended to review this Privacy Policy  from time to time to ensure that you do not miss any changes.

Collecting and using of user information

Simplehire Ltd collects information (name, contact details, such as email, phone number, previous employment, education records, and other information related to occupation and previous employment or personal profile) from its users to generate summaries, and also in cases, where such data collection is required by (a) federal, national or international law, (b) subpoena or court order, (c) written consent of a user, or (d) in connection with any other legal matters, such as ethical conflicts and truly urgent cases.

When a user chooses the option in the user menu that they do not want to publish their CV for potential employers, Simplehire will not sell, share or lend user information to any other third parties. No personal information or user data will be retained after their deletion by the appropriate owner, and the deletion is a readily available and not hidden option for the user of Doocv. If a subject receives Doocv service in full, data about the company and product, including IP address, technology, authorization, brand, user, summary and other information, all obligations, including security, privacy policy and data protection, will be transmitted to the subjekt by Doocv and its owners.

In case a user choose other options for sign-up, ie. status options in Job requirements section a) Actively looking for a job (I want to be contacted), b) Not actively looking for a job (You may contact me), c) I have a job (You may surprise me with a job offer), d) I do not want to get any job offers (I do not want to be listed), they agree with act no. 101/2000 Coll., on protection of personal information, as subsequently amended.

By signing-up on Doocv.cz you agree with storing your personal information, that you have provided, for the purpose of offering you relevant jobs. By signing-up you also agree with using of your personal information, that you have provided, for the purpose of providing them to personal agencies and other companies that offer jobs. Signed user has the right to ask the provider of Doocv.cz service to permanently delete their information from the service provider's databases. By signing-up the user gives the service provider right to send them notifications or information via email and SMS messages.

Disclosure of information

Doocv will not disclose, sell, share or lend personal data about you and other people or unaffiliated companies except for cases related to provision of services, that you ask for on your own, with your consent or in the following situations that you choose in the status:
• a) Actively looking for a job (I want to be contacted), b) Not actively looking for a job (You may contact me), c) I have a job (You may surprise me with a job offer).
SimpleHire Ltd reserves the right to transmit information about you and your usage of this website in the event of transferring rights of SimpleHire Ltd, for example on takeover, aquisition or merge with another company.
Cookie are small pieces of information saved to the user's computer. SimpleHire Ltd may access cookies in your computer and set them. Cookies allows Doocv to identify a user as a registered member and save some preferences, that are in no way related with personal information of a user. A  small amount of encrypted data is saved into a cookie, when a user signs in. This allows Doocv to later identify users and automatically sign them in without manually entering the their data. This cookie does not in any way disclose any confidential information.
SimpleHire Ltd may contact users from time to time and notify them about important system changes, technical updates etc. SimpleHire may also store correspndence from users for the purpose of tracking. This correspondence will not be shared, selled nor lent to any other third parties except when it is required by (a) federal, national or internation law, (b) subpoena or court order, (c) written consent of a user, or d) in connection with any other legal matters, such as ethical conflicts and truly urgent cases.


Unless expressly stated otherwise in a written agreement between you and Doocv, the online tool, summaries and documents generated for users and all materials included here are provided "as is" and without warranties  of any kind, either expressed or implied. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, SimpleHire Ltd disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, particularly implied warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose or warranties of non-infringement. Without limiting the foregoing SimpleHire Ltd does not guarantee that functions contained in the community nebo available through the community will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the community and server, that creates it, will not contain viruses or other malicious components. SimpleHire Ltd does not guarantee or raise objections in connection with using or results of the materials of the community in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise. You (and not SimpleHire Ltd) bear all the costs of any necessary service, repairs or modifications. The applicable law may not allow exklusion of implied  warranties, so the disclaimer above may not apply to you. 

Under no circumstances, particularly as a consequence of negligence, SimpleHire Ltd is not liable for any special or consequential damages, resulting from using or inability to use the community or any services provided in it, even if SimpleHire Ltd or a representative designated by the company were notified about possibilities of such damages. The applicable law may not allow limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so limitation or exclusion of liability mentioned above may not apply to you. No recommendation or information, in written or oral form, that you get from SimpleHire Ltd or through the community, does not constitute any warranty, that is not explicitly expressed in these Terms of use. Notwithstanding provisions of applicable laws it is agreed, that under no circumstances total liability of SimpleHire Ltd to you for any damages, losses and causes of conduct (whether in the form of a contractual relationship, offence (particularly in connection with negligence or otherwise) may exceed the amount paid by you, if it was paid, for the purchase of materials, services or products.

No waranties

Due to technical, legal and practical limitations SimpleHire Ltd cannot guarantee and does not guarantee non-disclosure of private/personal information and data ofo a user in ways not described in this Privacy Policy. Under certain circumstances SimpleHire Ltd may transmit information to government authorities or third parties, or third parties may unlawfully find out or use personal information or communication. As a user you authorize SimpleHire Ltd to disclose any of your information to law enforcement or other governmental officials or authorities, if SimpleHire Ltd at its own discretion deems it necessary, reasonable or appropriate, in connection with fraud investigation, intellectual property rights infringement or any other activity that is illegal or that may expose SimpleHire Ltd to criminal liability.